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Our Mission - The first thing you should know about TicketBox is that we will provide the smartest and most user friendly ticketing experience on the planet and will focus relentlessly on delighting clients through innovation and superior service.

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Superior Service – We owe our customers our full attention no matter how significant the issue at hand. We treat our customers as we want to be treated. Nobody provides better service. Likewise, we are responsive and proactive to all issues and requests. Innovation Everyone is responsible for developing better ways of doing business. We improve every day and are never complacent with our current status. Our pricing We beat any quote !! Try us

Our Values Integrity – All decisions made within the company adhere to the highest level of integrity. It is never acceptable to sacrifice the integrity and character of yourself or the company.

Please use coupon code "5K" for Pretoria, JHB "BUBBLE", "FOAM" for Capetown only and "Run" for Durban if you purchase 4 tickets and above Dismiss